Out-of-Country Travel

Out-of-country travel requires the signature of the President on the Request for Travel form IN ADVANCE (PRIOR TO ANY TRAVEL PURCHASES).

If you need the per diem and lodging rates for cities and countries outside of the 48 contiguous states, please email your request(s) to Accounts Payable payables@umw.edu stating your destination(s) and the dates of travel. Accounts Payable will email the rates to you. When you receive the rates from Accounts Payable, please print the email and attach it to your Travel Expense Reimbursement form when you submit for reimbursement.

All Travel Regulations apply.

Upon returning from your trip, you will need to complete the Travel Expense Reimbursement form using American dollars. Please see www.oanda.com/converter/classic for an exchange rate for one of your dates of travel. Print the page from this site showing the exchange rate and attach to your Travel Expense Reimbursement form. NOTE: If your “out-of-country” purchases were made using a credit card, and the conversion shows on your statement, please feel free to submit the credit card statement in lieu of the exchange rate page at www.oanda.com. Complete the Travel Reimbursement form using American dollars and submit the following to the Accounts Payable Department at Eagle Village, Suite 480:

1. Completed (in American dollars) and signed Travel Expense Reimbursement form,

2. Your Request for Travel form that was completed IN ADVANCE with all appropriate signatures, including the President’s signature,

3. All original receipts–except food receipts because a per diem is being paid to you (see Per Diem for explanation),

4. The printed rate converter page from www.oanda.com/converter/classic OR your credit card statement that shows the exact conversion, and

5. The printed per diem and lodging rate page that Accounts Payable provided by email.