President’s Travel

The purpose of this page is to serve as a guide for travel involving the President of UMW. All of the state’s travel regulations apply to the President’s travel; however, the President’s travel requires a different set of approval processes.

In-Country (48 contiguous states) Travel

In-country travel must be approved IN ADVANCE “by an appropriate member of management.” UMW has defined an “appropriate member of management” as the Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller. (REASON: The state requires the agency’s official fiscal officer to approve the President’s Travel Reimbursement. In order to keep the process simple, the agency’s official fiscal officer will approve the Request for Travel and will approve the Travel Reimbursement. The agency’s official fiscal officer is the UMW Associate Vice President for Finance and Contoller.)

In-country travel where the hotel/lodging rate exceeds the rate listed on the tables needs additional approvals. The RECTOR of the BOV has the authority to approve a hotel/lodging rate for the president IN ADVANCE (before the hotel/lodging is purchased) up to 150% of the rate that is listed on the state’s table. Any lodging exceptions that exceed the “150%” rule must be approved IN ADVANCE by DOA through the Accounts Payable Department. Lodging amounts that exceed 150% are also allowed to be paid by private funding sources, which is the preferred method to pay any excesses.


International Travel (including Alaska and Hawaii)

International Travel (including Alaska and Hawaii)–regardless of total dollar value–must be approved IN ADVANCE (before ANY travel purchases take place) by the appropriate Cabinet Secretary. In addition, if the lodging rate exceeds the state’s allowable rate (up to 150% of the state’s allowable lodging rate) the approval must be made by the Cabinet Secretary. The Cabinet Secretary for UMW is the Secretary of Education.  You may use the Request for Travel form below, but remember that this is a UMW form.  Feel free to send a standard memo to the Secretary of Education.  The Secretary of Education may not require all of the information listed below, but DOA (CAPP manual) does require all of the information below, so PLEASE be sure to include:

Name of Traveler (the President)
Dates of Travel
Travel Destination
Purpose of Trip
A complete cost estimate

Request for Travel for the UMW President

Request for Travel for the BOV Members

The actual travel voucher (Travel Reimbursement Request Form) “must be reviewed and approved by the agency’s fiscal officer.” Allyson Moerman, Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller is defined as this agency’s official fiscal officer. No one other than the agency’s official fiscal officer can approve the travel voucher. See Travel Expense Reimbursement Form to select the correct form appropriate for the date(s) of travel.