Travel Cash Advances

Travel cash advances are strongly discouraged by the Commonwealth and UMW and will be granted only in cases of emergency, which must be documented in writing and have the approval of the UMW President or designee. The minimum amount that may be requested for a cash advance is $300, which must be documented by line item on the Request for Travel form. Please note that per diem amounts cannot be included in the advance. Any advance over $500 must also be approved by the Associate Vice President for Finance (Allyson Moerman).

An option that has been made available by the Commonwealth is a Bank of America Travel Card that an employee may apply to get. See Available Credit Cards for more information.

In order to request a cash advance, the traveler should submit in writing the emergency situation that justifies a travel cash advance and attach it to a completed Request for Temporary Travel Cash Advance form (contact AP for form) and a Request for Travel form. All necessary signatures must be on all of the paperwork, and all of the paperwork should be submitted to the Accounts Payable Department at least 10 working days before the money is needed. The Accounts Payable Department will write a check no more than five (5) working days prior to departure dates given on the forms. The Accounts Payable Department will deliver the check to the Cashier’s Office in Lee Hall. The traveler will pick up the check at the Cashier’s Office and will have to sign acknowledging receipt of the check and agreeing to stated repercussions if the cash advance is not repaid.

Immediately upon returning from traveling
Immediately upon returning from traveling, the UMW representative who received a cash advance should complete a Travel Expense Reimbursement form showing all expenses on the form, including the advance in the appropriate box on the form, and then submit the Travel Expense Reimbursement form with all original, detailed receipts to the Accounts Payable Department at Eagle Village, Suite 480. (Please note that if your lodging receipt shows a charge on your credit card, the cash advance was clearly not needed.) If the entire advance was not used, the remaining funds should be deposited at the cashier’s office in Lee Hall. The receipt the cashier gives you should then be attached to the Travel Expense Reimbursement form (along with all other receipts) and sent to the Accounts Payable Department. All advances must be “repaid” within 30 days of the travel or the University reserves the right to withhold the advance from your pay, as stated in the agreement you will have to sign before the cash advance is given to you. If you are due additional money from travel expenses, you will be reimbursed allowable amounts.

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