Travel Expense Reimbursement Form

Travel reimbursements submitted after 90 days from the end of the travel date are taxed and paid through Payroll per IRS regulations. In addition, you will not be reimbursed for travel from a previous fiscal year if the travel reimbursement is submitted after 90 days from the end of the travel date.



Scroll Down and choose the correct form based upon your dates of travel. Instructions for completing the Travel Expense Reimbursement Form are below the form links. NOTE: Read the appropriate section ( For Day-Only Travel; For Overnight Travel in the contiguous US ; or For Overnight Out-of-Country Travel ) to know which paperwork is needed for reimbursement.

For TRAVEL DATES January 1, 2018 – present
If your travel date started January 1, 2018 or after, download either the Excel or PDF version below.
Excel Version

PDF Version

For TRAVEL DATES January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017
If your travel dates were between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017, download either the Excel or PDF version below.
Excel Version

PDF Version

NOTE: If your travel date started prior to January 1, 2018 and continued through or after December 31, 2017, use either form above and Accounts Payable will make any state-mandated adjustments. If your travel dates are prior to July 1, 2017, the time has expired for reimbursement.


Click on the appropriate highlighted link ABOVE to download the Travel Expense Reimbursement Form that corresponds to your dates of travel. The form is an Excel document so it will do all of the calculations for you! (Using Internet Explorer works best. It is a “read only” form, so please save it to your hard drive before completing. When you click on the link above, you will get a box with instructions on how to save the document to your hard drive. After clicking, make sure “Save this File to Disk” is checked and click “ok.” Select the place on your hard drive to save the document. If you have difficulty saving this document to your hard drive, please call the help desk at ext. 2255. After you have saved the form to your hard drive, complete the Travel Expense Reimbursement form using the following instructions:

Enter only the amounts for which you are seeking reimbursement. In other words, if the university paid for your registration directly, do NOT claim it as part of your reimbursement. (If you received a cash advance, please see “Immediately upon returning from traveling” in the Travel Cash Advance section.)

Enter information in the yellow areas only.

Click the bottom left tab labeled “Example” for an example of a completed form. Each day’s expenses (lodging, per diem, etc.) must be shown separately. When you are ready to complete your form, click the middle tab labeled “Travel Voucher.” If you need additional lines, click the box on the bottom right of the document labeled “CHECK IF CONTINUATION SHEET ATTACHED.” Then click the bottom left tab that says “cont sht 2″ and continue completing the form. By clicking the “CHECK IF CONTINUATION SHEET ATTACHED” box, the form will add the two (or more) pages together.

Top Portion of the Travel Expense Reimbursement form

Upper Left Corner
Name = Your Name
Address = Your home address
City, State and Zip = City, State and Zip of your home address
Social Security # = Your Social Security number OR Banner ID number.  (This field MUST be completed for reimbursement.) NOTE: UMW employees or students may provide the last four digits of their social security number OR their FULL Banner ID number. Guests need to provide the FULL social security number OR the FULL Banner ID number in order to be able to be processed in our system.  (Ask your office manager if you don’t know what a Banner ID is.)

Upper Right Corner
If–and only if–you are claiming mileage, one of the three boxes must be marked with an “x.” See Mileage to determine which box to mark. (If you drove a state or rented a vehicle, you should NOT have any mileage to claim; therefore, you should NOT mark any of the three boxes.)
Mark whether or not you are a state employee in the appropriate box.
Sign and date the form AFTER you have completed the form and printed it.
Enter your title in the “Title” field.
Have your supervisor sign and date the form WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE FORM.

Middle Portion of the Travel Expense Reimbursement form

Each day of travel should be broken out by line.
Column 1 = The particular date of travel
Column 2 = A description of the claim(s)
Column 3 = Your mileage ONLY if you’re claiming mileage. (See Mileage.) If you drove a state vehicle, you should NOT enter mileage on this form.
Column 4 = Do not try to enter anything in column 4. This is not a yellow field and contains formulas that calculate the mileage based upon which box is marked in the upper right corner of the form labeled “Personal Vehicle Use Statement.”
Column 5 = Auto Expense. Use this column for auto expenses OTHER THAN mileage such as tolls, parking, etc. (Mileage is entered in column 3.) NOTE: If you drove a state vehicle and the “Voyager or State gas card” was not accepted and you had to purchase gas using your personal credit card (or cash) then put the amount of the gas receipt in column 5 and submit the original gas receipt with the form. AGAIN, if you used your personal vehicle, you should claim mileage in column 3 and NOT submit gas receipts for reimbursement.
Column 6 = Meals. Enter the per diem amount for that day. If meals were provided, please indicate which meals were PROVIDED in Column 2. (See Per Diem and Lodging for rates and explanations.) Meals for day-only travel are usually NOT reimbursed. (See the Business Meal section for details.)
Column 7 = Lodging. Enter the amount the hotel charged you per day for lodging, INCLUDING taxes, up to the allowable rates plus taxes on the allowable rates. (See Per Diem and Lodging for rates and details.)
Column 8 = Other. Enter registrations, conference fees, shuttle services, taxi fare etc. in this column.

Bottom Portion of the Travel Expense Reimbursement form

BE SURE TO COMPLETE THE “PURPOSE OF THE TRIP” AND “FOAPAL INFORMATION” SECTIONS OF THE FORM. The FOAPAL information section indicates how much should be charged against the FOAPAL(s).  Be sure to get EACH appropriate FOAPAL Manager’s signature on the form BEFORE submitting the reimbursement form to Accounts Payable.  (If you traveled overnight, the reason and FOAPAL information will also be on the Request for Travel form.)

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