Networked Print Strategies

A survey conducted in December 2012 identified 623 devices on the UMW main campus.

  • 447 printers- 230 were inkjet
  • 107  Multi-Functional Device (MFD)
  • 17 Faxes
  • 52 Scanners
  • User to device ratio is 2:1

Why are we networking the Konica Minolta copiers on Campus?

  • A more sustainable print option.
  • Reduce the purchase of desk top printers.
  • Reduce the purchase of printer consumables.
  • Monetary savings.

Added functionality of the networked MFD.

  • Print directly from your computer to the MFD.
  • Scan to email

The following administrative buildings are fully MFD eligible.

  • Fairfax House
  • George Washington Hall
  • Jepson Alumni Executive Center 
  • Marye House
  • Physical Plant
  • Stafford Campus, North and South buildings
  • Tennis Center
  • Tyler House

The following administrative buildings are 90% MFD eligible.

  • Lee
  • Seacobeck

Academic buildings will be targeted for networking in the Spring of 2014.

***If you would like to use the full functionality of the MFD please call the help desk @ 540-654-2255 and request that the print driver be installed.

Training guides for networked printers are here. Click on the link to get the step by step by instructions.