Network Printing at UMW

Training guides for networked printers are here. Click on the link to get the step by step by instructions.

Steps that you need to take.
1. Make sure you have the Konica Minolta Print driver installed on your computer (office and/or laptop).
Go to start, devices and printers to check if the driver is installed.
2. If you DO NOT have the driver, call the UMW help desk @ 654-2255 and ask to have it installed.
3. Once your print driver is installed follow the instructions for Activating your print driver above to get started.

Need Help: contact us at 540-654-1935

The Copy Center has been and will continue to do training for any department that is interested. Please contact Denise at 540-654-1935 or

Learn to:
Scan to email
Print directly to the copier

Save paper!
Save supplies!
Save money!


A survey conducted in December 2012 identified 623 devices on the UMW main campus.

  • 447 printers- 230 were inkjet
  • 107  Multi-Functional Device (MFD)
  • 17 Faxes
  • 52 Scanners
  • User to device ratio is 2:1

Why are we networking the Konica Minolta copiers on Campus?

  • A more sustainable print option.
  • Reduce the purchase of desk top printers.
  • Reduce the purchase of printer consumables.
  • Monetary savings.

Added functionality of the networked MFD.

  • Print directly from your computer to the MFD.
  • Scan to email

The following administrative buildings are fully MFD eligible.

  • Fairfax House
  • George Washington Hall
  • Jepson Alumni Executive Center
  • Marye House
  • Physical Plant
  • Stafford Campus, North and South buildings
  • Tennis Center
  • Tyler House

The following administrative buildings are 90% MFD eligible.

  • Lee
  • Seacobeck