Annual Report


Facilities Services is charged with the stewardship responsibility for maintenance and operations of the real property assets of the University of Mary Washington including the James Monroe Museum and the Gari Melchers Home and Studio. Cost-effective solutions, foresighted planning, customer-focused support, and sustainable approaches are the objectives of our facilities programs. Our primary service areas include: building maintenance and repair, capital outlay management, state vehicle transportation services, housekeeping, grounds care, athletic field maintenance, recycling and waste management, central heating plant operations, minor construction and alterations, engineering services and facility support contracts.

The buildings and grounds of the University of Mary Washington, often collectively referred to as the “physical plant”, are significant capital assets of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In addition to the considerable investment value represented, these facilities create and sustain an environment of profound importance to all who live, study, or work here, as well as to those who visit our campus. Facilities Services is proud of our responsibility for the care and preservation of these assets.

A key component of our care is a continuous process of facilities assessment. Our first assessment was made in 1994. In the subsequent years our assessments have continued to improve our overall knowledge of the conditions of the facilities. The assessment process serves as a tool for identifying, planning, and prioritizing our maintenance work.

Since 2007 we have completed the APPA “Facilities Performance Indicators” (FPI) survey. This survey is a standardized instrument that higher education facilities organizations use to measure and compare ourselves to our peers. The most recent survey was completed in Novemebr 2010 for the academic year 2009-2010. We are interested in your thoughts and comments.

John P. Wiltenmuth, III
Associate Vice President
Facilities Services