Bookstore Voucher Process

To request a voucher to allow financial aid to be used for book purchases read this document in its entirety and submit the required request form.  Purchases must be made in the University’s bookstore.  The voucher may not be used online, for rentals, or purchases outside of the University of Mary Washington’s bookstore.  (Exception: Students attending the Stafford Campus who are required to make purchases online through MBS Direct.)


Students may qualify if:

  • The student has filed the FAFSA and has an EFC of 15,000 or below with sufficient aid to cover direct costs to UMW as well as their books; and
  • Has a credit balance on their student account at the time of request;
  • or
  • The student has sufficient aid to cover direct costs to UMW as well as their books and is required to purchase their books though MBS Direct.
  • Bookstore vouchers for students who do not meet the criteria will not be approved.


1.  Fill out the appropriate voucher request form on My UMW and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid.  Please ‘join’ the Financial Aid page to access this form


 2.  Students must complete a bookstore voucher request each semester to be considered.  Students who are not approved will receive an email via the University of Mary Washington’s campus email.  Those who are approved will receive an email with instructions regarding the use of their voucher.

3.  Regardless of when a student receives notice of their approved voucher, the funds will not be available for use until approximately 1 week before the start of classes for a given term. 

4.  Bookstore vouchers will be limited to $750 per semester.

5.  If a student’s enrollment level is lessened or aid eligibility is otherwise effected after receipt of a bookstore voucher, the resulting change may cause the student to owe a balance to the University.  These balances are the sole responsibility of the student.