Payroll Schedules and Information


The following payroll schedules include the pay period start and end dates, MyTime approval deadlines, and expected paydays; as well as information regarding paystubs and W-2s, change of address and direct deposit procedures, and basic MyTime instructions. Starting in Summer 2015, student employees will receive a hard copy of the payroll schedule upon hire. Payroll schedules are also available to view on this page as well as the Payroll website. Student employees and supervisors will receive an announcement of the Spring 2016 payroll schedule via UMW e-mail once it is available.

Summer 2015 Payroll Schedule

Click here to download the Summer 2015 payroll schedule.

Fall 2015 Payroll Schedule

Click here to download the Fall 2015 payroll schedule.



AFTER YOUR FIRST PAYDAY, you may access your paystubs and W-2 online at Virginia Payline. Paydays are listed above.

Where can I locate my Employee ID? You will receive an e-mail to your UMW address containing your Employee ID before your first payday. Peak times at the Student Employment office are usually at the beginning and end of each semester. If you are hired during a peak time of the semester, you will most likely receive your Employee ID closer to your first payday; otherwise, you may expect to receive your Employee ID within 3 business days of your hire.

  • The Payroll Manager will send a temporary password to your UMW e-mail address.
  • Create a new, permanent password after you log on for the first time.



Change of Address: Please inform the Office of Registrar of any change in address. All W-2 statements will be mailed to your permanent home address as recorded in Banner as of December 2015.

Changing Direct Deposit Account: Please submit a new Direct Deposit form to the Office of Financial Aid and mark “Change” on the form. New forms should include a voided check or a screenshot of your online banking that includes: your name, the name of the banking institution, routing number, and accounting number.