Required Forms for Student Employment

This is the page that identifies which forms you will need to submit to the Office of Financial Aid for on-campus employment. Please start by identifying where you are in the process, and proceed to the appropriate section below.

Applying for Student Employment: You are interested in an on-campus job and would like to be considered for a position.
Newly Hired Student Employees: You have been hired by a department on-campus and need to submit paperwork for your work authorization.
Returning Student Employees: You had an on-campus job previously, typically in the previous Spring term, and you are preparing paperwork for the upcoming academic year. If six or more months have passed since your previous employment, you should refer to the “Newly Hired Student Employees” section.


Applying for Student Employment

Students who are interested in working on-campus must complete and submit the following:

Applications are kept on-file at the Office of Financial Aid and provided to supervisors who are seeking new student employees based on their desired qualifications. Supervisors will contact students if they are interested in proceeding to the next step in their employment processes based on the application. Due to the limited number of positions on-campus, submitting an application does not guarantee a job.

Students who submit department-specific applications are still required to have a Student Employment Application on-file with the Office of Financial aid.


Newly Hired Student Employees

First-time student employees must complete and submit the following documents on or before their first day of work:

IMPORTANT: Students seeking to work on campus should be prepared to provide identification for the Federal Form I-9 on or before their first day of work. A list of acceptable documents can be found on page 9 of the Federal Form I-9. All acceptable documents must be original. Photocopies of IDs will not be accepted as valid form of identification under any circumstances.


Returning Student Employees

Student employees who are returning to their assignments in the Fall must complete and submit the following documents on or before their first day of work: