Engagement Forum Notes

Two open forums were scheduled to give UMW Faculty and Staff an opportunity to share their thoughts, suggestions, and other feedback about the initiative. The moderators for these sessions were Dr. Anand Rao, Chair of the UFC and Mr. Michael Morley, President of the SAC. Session 1 Date:  September 19 Location:  Fredericksburg Campus: Attendees:  Approximately 80 attendees plus 2 moderators. Moderator Comments: Introductions Comments will be shared anonymously with administration. Please share thoughts openly. We'd like feedback on how to mitigate issues, and ideas on how to improve communication. Explanation of survey results Strengths Opportunities Attendee Comments (Note-taker 1): Question:  Did Faculty and Staff take the same survey? Yes, they did.  Questions were presented based upon the user's responses, so it may appear that there were different surveys. Recommendation:  The BOV should make "Richmond" understand that the COL is high and has … [Read more...]