Beginning Recruitment

To get your recruitment started, you’ll contact the Budget Office and enter the position in careers.  Once that has been done, the position will be classified;  after approvals have been received, the position will be posted / advertised.

Action Responsible Up To
1. The Hiring Manager puts the position in careers.  (New HMs should contact the HR office for careers access, password resets and systems training.)  For A/P positions, the Hiring Manager completes the EPDQ, if necessary. HM HM Determines
2. Once the position is in careers, positions will normally be posted for advertising in 7 – 14 business days. Within that period: HM 14 days
  • HR conducts the initial review of the position description.
  • HR confers with the Hiring Manager if needed.
  • HR consults with the Budget Office regarding funding.
  • For A/P positions, CUPA codes and grades are assigned.
  • The Hiring Manager finalizes the position description in careers.
  • HR finalizes classification, salary ranges for hiring and advertising, and confirms these with the Hiring Manager.*
  • The Requisition to recruit is approved by the Cabinet.
  • The automated Guest User (GU) access & password email is sent to the Hiring Manager from immediately upon posting in careers.

Abbreviations Used:

HM – Hiring Manager
HR – Office of Human Resources
BUD – Budget Office