Closing the Search

References:   References must be checked for the final candidate.  Always check references with the current supervisor/most recent supervisor using the reference check form.  Some employers will not provide you with information other than verification of employment; if this occurs, please contact the Recruitment Manager for further guidance.  If the candidate was employed by the University of Mary Washington previously, contact the previous supervisor for a reference or contact Human Resources.  All reference checks must be forwarded to HR with the recruitment documentation, including those run on alternate or non-selected candidates.
Documentation:   Submit all recruitment search paperwork (interview notes from all search committee members, final screening sheets, selected candidate summary, selective service forms from each male applicant interviewed, reference check notes on final candidate, Authorization to Hire (unless already submitted), etc) to the Recruitment Manager for review.  The Recruitment Manager will follow up with any questions regarding the paperwork.
Pay Action Worksheet:  Please complete the PAW (Pay Action Worksheet) and email the form, as an attachment to   The Recruitment Manager will work with you to determine an appropriate salary offer and start date for the selected candidate. Classified employee start dates are on the 10th or 25th of the month.  You will receive an email from the Recruitment Manager with authorization to proceed with a conditional offer.
Authorization / Conditional Offer: Once you receive the authorization email, contact the candidate and make the verbal conditional offer of employment, including information about the background check.

A sample verbal offer:“I am pleased to extend a conditional offer of employment as (position) in the Department of ___ at the salary or hourly rate of _____. Your start date will be _____________. This offer will become final upon the timely and successful completion of the required Background investigation.You will receive an email from HireRight, the investigating agency, with instructions for authorizing the background check.  Follow the instructions carefully. The authorization will   require only a few minutes of your time.  If you don’t receive an email from HireRight, please check your spam folder.

You must complete this authorization within 48 hours of receipt of the email from HireRight.  Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of this offer.

Please contact the Office of Human Resources at (540) 654-1211, if you have any questions or concerns.”

Contact Information: Please remind the applicant that he/she must provide HireRight with current and previous employment information to include the name of the company, address and telephone numbers.
Background Check: Once the conditional offer has been accepted, please send an email to with the candidate’s full name and email address (this information is required to submit the request for a background check).  Your department will be responsible for any charges regarding background checks for new hire.  Also complete the Authorization to Hire form and forward to HR to authorize the hire.  (This form can be found on the HR website under Recruitment).  You may scan and email the form to, fax to ext 1078, or send the original to HR.
Candidate Status: When you have been notified that the background check is complete, change the status of the selected candidate to “Recommend for Hire.”   At this point, you need to change all applicants’ statuses. Candidates who were interviewed should be changed to “Interviewed-Not Selected” with the reason not selected in careers.umw.
Offer Letter: HR will send the Offer letter to new hires and their supervisors. New Hire Orientation information will be included.