Screening and Reviewing Applicants

HR will create the screening sheets based solely on required and preferred qualifications as posted in the ad. The screening sheet will be emailed to the hiring supervisor before the recruitment closing date.

The search committee chair will review each application for the required and preferred qualifications and indicate whether each candidate meets them on the screening sheet.  Committees may choose one consistent method to indicate that candidates meet the qualifications (numerical ranking, “√’, “+” or, “-“, etc).   If the committee chair shares the screening duties with all search committee members, only one screening sheet should be submitted to HR showing the overall ranking of the job applicants. 

Only candidates who meet the required qualifications advertised for the position on may be offered interviews.  Those who meet the most of the preferred qualifications, in addition to all the required qualifications, should be considered for interview.  If needed, preferred qualifications may be ranked according to importance to further narrow the pool.


VETERAN STATUS: Veteran status must be automatically credited and counted as a preferred qualification if the applicant indicates that he or she is a veteran on the application.

  •  A second preference must be credited if a veteran applicant has also indicated a service-connected disability. In other words, consider the veteran’s disabled status as a second preferred qualification.
  •  In cases where candidates are equally ranked, the additional veteran and/or disabled veteran qualification(s) will determine the higher rank or score throughout the entire selection process.
BLUE OR YELLOW CARDS (Preferential Hiring Forms): If an applicant answers “yes” that he or she has a  blue or yellow card, please suspend your screening  and contact the Office of Human Resources at immediately.  Under state policy, these forms require special consideration for hiring.  HR will provide additional guidance as needed in these situations.