The Day of the Interview

Disability Accommodations: Confirm that requested disability accommodations have been provided.
EWP: Each candidate should have an opportunity to read the Employee Work Profile (EWP) at the start of the interview.
Accommodations:   Ask “Are you able to perform the duties with or without reasonable accommodation?”  The candidate should answer YES or NO, only. Do not permit candidates to elaborate or describe any disabilities. (If candidates attempt to explain, politely stop them and explain that this discussion is not appropriate at this stage. To avoid the appearance of discrimination based on disability, accommodations needed to perform the duties of a position may only be discussed after an offer is made.)
Selective Service Form:   All male candidates are required to complete the Selective Service Form (SSF) at the interview
Interview Format and Questions:  Visit the Interview Section of the Supervisor’s handbook to see tips on interview formats, questions, and legal considerations. To enter the site you will have to use your UMW login and password.  See
Notes:  Take careful and legible notes during the interview. If not indicated in the application, ask why the candidate left the previous or is leaving the current job. Also, if not noted, ask for current salary of the most current job.  All search committee interview notes must be submitted to HR at the end of the search and before an offer letter can go out.