Management Uses of the KC

Establishing a Team Room

The Knowledge Center team room functions allows supervisors to establish teams by functionality or subject areas to allow just these team members to share information and documents with each other.

For more information on all the functions of the team room, please look at the below document:

Using Team Rooms in the Knowledge Center

Using the Peer Net

The Peer Net feature in the KC is a great way to get help from your peers. You can search for a specific area of expertise and view a list of fellow employees who have listed that expertise in their user profile. Creating this network involves two steps: employees entering their qualifications into the Knowledge Center and then others using the Peer Net to search for necessary skills of their peers. To get started, please follow the below instructions:

Enter your Qualifications in the KC

Using the Peer Net

Designating Required Courses

As a supervisor or manager, there may be certain courses you only want a specific group of employees to view in the Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center allows for the creation of specific curriculum and can designate as well as remind the particular employees who you would like to take the course.

For more information on this particular function, contact Pam Lowery in the Office of Human Resources at