Your Transcipt

Transcript/My Transcript is a permanent record of all of the course and non-course content that you have participated in, as well as content assigned as required training that you have enrolled in, started, or completed. Each attempt for the same content item displays as a separate line on your transcript (i.e., if you have attempted the same content multiple times, then it displays on your transcript multiple times).

Transcript Settings



A course has a survey associated with it You must complete both the course and the survey before the certificate for the course becomes available to you (via the Details page for the course).
There are no surveys for a course The certificate becomes available after you complete the course (which means for classroom courses, the instructor has given you a progress status of “Completed”).
Content becomes inactive, or when content is currently under revision It is still displayed on the transcript as part of your record, but it is not accessible (i.e., you may not open/launch it).
Content becomes inactive and then becomes active again After an authorized user finishes revisions and makes the content available again, you will be able to access the content.
Content requires enrollment It is displayed on the Learning History tab once you have enrolled.
Content does not require enrollment It displays on the Learning History tab once the user has accessed/opened the content. Progress status, completion date and score are updated on the transcript once the system has this information.
A user cancels enrollment The content (online course, classroom course section or curriculum) is removed from their transcript because the enrollment record is deleted.
You have taken the same course more than once Then each attempt displays as a separate row in the table on the Learning History tab.
Content is deleted from the system The content is deleted from the transcript because the progress records are deleted.
An authorized user adds/removes an item for an online SCORM course Your transcript will show completion for the course, but your details for the course (i.e., clicking the “View Details” link on the Details page for the course) will include the new item and show it as “Not Attempted.” Also, since the information on the Details page matches the course structure, if an item is removed, you will still have credit for the course if you have completed it, but you will no longer see the removed item on your Details page regardless of whether you have completed the course.

Learning History Tab

The Learning History tab is a list of items that you have enrolled in, started or completed. You can apply filters in order to view specific content.

To view your Learning History:

  1. Go to My Workspace.
  2. ‚Choose My Transcript.
  3. ƒSelect the Learning History tab.  Fill any the parameters that you want to define your search.
  4. „Click Apply.
  5. …View the results.Note:  To view all of your transcript items again, remove all information from the Start Date and End Date fields, select the blank option from the Content Filter menu, and click Apply.

Certifications Tab

Certifications is where you view all of your attempts for one or more certifications. A certification is a designation that indicates a person is qualified to do a particular task/job.

  1. Go to My Workspace.
  2. ‚Choose My Transcript.
  3. Select the Certifications tab.  Fill any the parameters that you want to define your search.
  4. „View the Certifications and other information.
  5. …Click on a Certification’s title to view the Details.
  6. †Click the Title of the certification to access the Details page for it.

External Learning Tab

Your external learning items display on this tab.

To submit a new external learning request:

  1. Go to My Workspace.
  2. ‚Choose My Transcript, then select the External Learning tab.
  3. ƒChoose Submit External Learning Request.  Click Go.  The Search page for External Learning displays.
  4. „Enter the desired search criteria. (Optional)
  5. …The search results display alphanumerically and may include paging.
  6. †Review the list of search results and find the external learning item you are looking for.  Click the Information icon next to the external learning item to view information about it. (Optional)
  7. ‡Choose the title of the item that you want to add.
  8. ˆClick Submit Request.
  9. ‰Provide the reason for your action and the date of the request.