Required Training

All content that has been assigned to you as current and future required training is displayed in the Required Training area. If the content is a classroom course, a plus sign may display. Click the plus sign to view the course sections. Each section will have its own status in the Progress Status column.

For required training, once the due date/time for a training period has passed, the content no longer displays on the learning plan regardless of your progress status. When a training assignment includes an extension period and the training period ends, the assignment will remain on the learning plan until the assignment is completed or the extension due date is reached. For classroom course sections that are assigned as required training, the course is marked as “Not Started” in the Progress Status column if you are enrolled because the current training period for the required training assignment is not yet completed. Also, on My Learning Plan, if the Period Due Time is “Midnight,” then the Period Due Time in reports (such as the My Required Training report) displays as “12:00 AM.”

When you complete a training activity:

  • The item is removed from the Required Training area
  • The system sends an email to you confirming your completion of the item
  • The progress status on your transcript is updated to indicate that you completed the item