TECH 101-Mac OS Basics

About the Class:

The focus of this course is the Macintosh OS X operating system.  The purpose of the class is to present the basic features of the OS, and help you get comfortable using it.  This is a hands-on class.

What You’ll Learn:

Upon completion of this class, participants will:

  • Start Up and Shut Down the Computer, Restart the computer.
  • Navigate the Operating System (OS).
  • Insert and Eject Disks.
  • Connect to network servers and resources.
  • Manage files, folders and shortcuts (create, save, copy, move, delete, name, rename, modify folder display options).
  • Apply good file management techniques (organizing files, backing up).
  • Use the search feature to locate Files.
  • Identify Different File Formats and Extensions.
  • Customize the Appearance of the Desktop.
  • Use the OS Help System.
  • Use System Preferences to check or change settings.
  • Access and Modify the Dock.
  • Install and Uninstall Software.
  • Add or Choose a Printer (local or network).
  • Use maintenance tools (disk first aid, virus scan, Rebuild Desktop).
  • Access  support resources (web pages, help desk, ITL).

What You Need to Know:

  • Basic keyboarding and mouse skills are recommended.

If you don’t have those skills, consider first taking the workshop: