Excel 2010- Using VLOOKUP & Conditional Functions

About the Class:

This workshop lasts 3 hours.

This workshop will explore arrays and conditional functions used to summarize or count data with certain criteria. Discover how to use IF and Nested IF functions to test for specific conditions and how to apply different types of conditional formats. Participants will also explore various techniques to look up values in a range of data using VLOOKUP. Challenge exercises will be provided for reinforcement.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Perform calculations using array formulas
  • Create IF and nested IF functions
  • Use conditional functions to summarize or count data
  • Use the CONCATENATE function to join text
  • Look up data using VLOOKUP
  • Apply different types of conditional formatting

What You Need to Know:

  • Create and manage named ranges
  • Create formulas and functions
  • Create and apply validation criteria
  • Work with tables
  • Sort and filter data

If you don’t have those skills, consider first taking the workshop:

  • Excel 2010 – Data Management


Excel 2010(PC) Excel 2011(Mac)
 Microsoft Office: VLOOKUP: What it is and when to use it? Microsoft Office: Get Started with VLOOKUP
 Microsoft Office: VLOOKUP Function Microsoft Office: VLOOKUP Function