Department Needs Assessment

When a department expresses an interest in a customized training or development program, the following process takes place.

  1. The first step is to conduct a needs assessment in that department. 

    This involves talking with the supervisor(s) to get a better understanding of the goals for the training session. Depending on the issue and the depth of the training, employee surveys, focus groups, and interviews may be conducted as well. During these meetings, the logistics of the training will also be worked out (number of participants, location, dates, time available).

  2. The second step is the material development. 

    The development stage would involve pulling material from various resources to provide expert advice and practical techniques for the participants. It would also involve working with supervisors to ensure that key issues are addressed and presented in the most effective way for their employees. On-line variations can also be developed depending on the groups’ preference. Since the course is being developed specifically for a certain group, please plan on a gap of at least two weeks between the analysis meeting and the actual course date. This allows ample time for development.

  3. The third step is the actual training session. 

    Unless otherwise agreed upon, courses will be limited to 90 minute sessions. Each participant will receive a training book that allows them to follow along with the power point presentation. Videos and other training tools will be used quite often to add additional effects to the class. 

  4. The final step is the session follow-up. 

    Course participants will receive a certificate and their participation will be recorded in the training database. A recognition system is being established to reward participants who have accomplished specific levels of training. When the course certificate is sent to participants, they will also receive some course reminders based on what was discussed during the course. Most courses will also include some type of personal goal that will be mailed to the participant a month after the course to encourage him/her to apply what was learned and discussed during the training session.