2013 UMW Award Winners

Charles Coleman Memorial Service Award

Charles Coleman was an employee of 29 years who demonstrated pride, dedication, and loyalty throughout his many years of service. This award was established in honor of his dedication and exemplary service.

The 2013 Coleman Award Winner was Judy Singleton, Office Manager, Student Affairs

Ms. Singleton consistently performs above expectations in her role – guiding and directing significant responsibilities within the Division of Student Affairs. She doesn’t stop until the job is finished, demonstrating her steadfast loyalty to the institution and on a daily basis.

Ms. Singleton anticipates the needs of others while juggling multiples responsibilities and schedules. She listens so well…. and her awareness for the needs of others combined with her institutional connectedness means that multiple solutions are considered and options to create to establish the best possible solutions for any project. This is simply how she works! She is always a professional in these moments and applies a measure of grace to move forward even when challenges attempt to derail progress. This spirit and attitude is critical to student success.

Richard V. and Rosemary A. Hurley Presidential Commendation

The intent of this award is to honor Mr. and Mrs. Hurley, who have consistently demonstrated a desire to recognize and reward outstanding service of University employees, and who have led by example in their work at Mary Washington.

The 2013 Hurley Award Winner was Erma Baker, Assistant Vice President of Business Services & Chief Purchasing Officer.

Ms. Baker’s accomplishments are many. Her most recent accomplishment may be one of the most impressive. To attain Level 2 status, Ms. Baker was asked to assume the role of CPO, rebuild a decimated Purchasing department, hire and train almost all new staff (in very complex procurement regulations, guidelines and procedures), rework literally hundreds of current bidding documents and contracts to bring them into full compliance, develop an entire new policy and procedure manual, pass an exhaustive review by the State Division of Purchasing and Supply and convince them that UMW was capable of operating autonomously. And she did this is one year. The time, effort, knowledge, experience and leadership required on Ms. Baker’s part were truly extraordinary.  Not only an engaged alum of UMW, Ms. Baker has been a dedicated member of the UMW Team for over 22 years. During that time, she has enthusiastically taken on a wide variety of tasks and duties and performed them exceptionally well. Her reputation for loyalty and dedication to UMW is recognized campus-wide, among her peers at other institutions and at the State level. Her staff tell me regularly what a superb example she sets for them in terms of “can do” attitude and customer service. She seldom says “can’t be done” but instead says “let’s find a way to do this.” One staff member recently told me “we are grateful to have her as our leader.” Another staff member commented, “she leads by example.” Both faculty and staff have nothing but praise for her tireless efforts at providing the best service and solutions possible while working within the constraints of regulations and procedures.

Staff Advisory Council’s Larry Atkins Award

The Staff Advisory Council recognizes UMW employees who are the unsung heroes of our offices.  Larry Atkins was one of the first employees to receive the S.A.C. “We Couldn’t Do it Without You Award,” which has since been renamed in his memory.

This year’s S.A.C. Larry Atkins Award Winners are:

Linda Falden, Wage

Tammy Pettus, Classified

Kevin Caffrey,  Administrative Professional


2013 Nominees include:

S.A.C. Larry Atkins Nominees   Charles Coleman Nominees   Hurley Award Nominees
Rhonda Bradshaw Judy Singleton Cris Hairston
Michael Hall Laura McDonald Sallie Braxton
Kevin Caffrey Micky Wallace Mark Thaden
Patty Land Terry Luttrell Dr. Kevin Bartram
Marilyn Birriel  Melva Kishpaugh Jan Clarke
Priscilla Sullivan


 Virginia Irvin Erma Baker
Frank Powell


Charlotte Corbett-Parker
Dantayne White
Linda Falden
Janet Scott
Tammy Pettus
Angela Whitley
Amanda Rutstein
Heidi Stello
Chrissy Bowdren
Zafeer Mobashar