2014 UMW Award Winners

Charles Coleman Memorial Service Award

Charles Coleman was an employee of 29 years who demonstrated pride, dedication, and loyalty throughout his many years of service. This award was established in honor of his dedication and exemplary service.

The 2014 Coleman Award Winner is Carla Bailey, Inter-Library Loan Supervisor

During her 30 years here, Carla has seen the college become a university, the library move into a new building, and the shape of library work change dramatically.  The library has changed, but Carla’s commitment to the university and to serving students and faculty has remained constant. She does everything in her power to track down books and articles that UMW faculty and students need.  Carla’s file is filled with letters of thanks acknowledging the lengths she went to get materials for them on inter-library loan.  Carla handles over 10,000 inter-library loan requests every year.  The magic  that Carla works everyday makes the scholarly work of our faculty, staff, and students possible.

Richard V. and Rosemary A. Hurley Presidential Commendation

The intent of this award is to honor Mr. and Mrs. Hurley, who have consistently demonstrated a desire to recognize and reward outstanding service of University employees, and who have led by example in their work at Mary Washington.

The 2014 Hurley Award Winner is Virginia Ashley,  Director Reporting & Decision Support, Information Technology

Virginia took on enormous personal and professional responsibility in providing assistance to enrollment management for the Hobsons CRM, ERMS and the RuffaloCODY project; she never complained about the extra workload and viewed her efforts as necessary for the good and growth of the University.  Change is hard for most individuals, but Virginia rose above all of the “chatter” surrounding the changes and associated frustrations.  She stayed focused on accomplishing the task and encouraged and assisted others to do the same.
Her service to the University and to others is never a question, and she goes above and beyond normal expectations to assist whenever and wherever needed.  She has a clear understanding that enrollment was and is one of the primary concerns of the President and administration, and identified how she could use her skills and position to positively impact growth and change.

Staff Advisory Council’s Larry Atkins Award

The Staff Advisory Council recognizes UMW employees who are the unsung heroes of our offices.  Larry Atkins was one of the first employees to receive the S.A.C. “We Couldn’t Do it Without You Award,” which has since been renamed in his memory.

This year’s S.A.C. Larry Atkins Award Winners are:

Melina Downs, Media Manager – Wage

Erika Spivey, Administrative Assistant – Classified

Susan Worrell, Special Assistant to the President for University of Events – A/P Faculty

2014 Nominees include:

S.A.C. Larry Atkins Nominees   Charles Coleman Nominees   Hurley Award Nominees
 Dei Bayer  David Ludeker  Chrissy Bowdren
 Vickie Chapman  Tommy Pack  Darnel Smith
 Angela Lilly  Lynda Worthy  Jeremy Vaughn
 Pam Lowery  John Wiltenmuth
 Pacifique Munezero  Melissa Yakabouski
 Tommy Pack
 Jeff Pugh
 Mele Richardson-Ransom
 Darnel Smith
 Nicole St. John
 Alicia Tisdale
 Jeremy Vaughn
 Pam Verbeck
 Janice White-Wormley
 Alvin Williams