Yellow WOW Cards

The Yellow WOW Card

The yellow WOW card represents an award of recognition leave.  Effective 10/25/11, supervisors may award up to 16 hours of recognition leave per year. The remaining 24 hours of possible recognition leave will be awarded at the discretion of the President.  To request a yellow WOW card, supervisors need to follow these steps:

1. Make sure the reasons for awarding the recognition agree with Cabinet area criteria found to the left.

2. Complete the online request form found through the link on the left of this page.

3. Click “Submit”. Your request will automatically be sent to HR.

4. Supervisors will then receive notification from the Office of Human Resources when the WOW card is ready for pick-up (generally 2 business days after the request has been approved).

5. The supervisor is responsible for completing the yellow WOW card, which has a blank for the recipient’s name, a blank for the number of hours the supervisor is awarding, and an area to justify the reward. NOTE : If more than 8 hours is being rewarded on one yellow WOW card, VP (or designee) approval is needed.

6. The supervisor will give the employee the completed yellow WOW card, and the supervisor will submit to Payroll a Leave Activity Form using the code “RE” (Recognition Earned). The employee and the supervisor must sign the Leave Activity Form. When the recipient uses the Recognition Leave, he/she will complete a Leave Activity Form using the code “RT” (Recognition Leave Taken). The recipient will keep the yellow WOW card.

Please note the following State regulations regarding recognition leave: Wage/hourly employees are not eligible to receive leave. Recognition Leave up to five workdays (40 hours) may be awarded to an employee in a leave year. Supervisors have the discretion to award employees up to 16 hours of the 40 with the President having discretion to issue the remaining 24 hours. Recognition Leave lapses within 12 months from the date it was awarded. Unused recognition leave that has not lapsed will be paid out at the end of state service, or if the employee leaves UMW. In extraordinary circumstances the 12-month retention period for Recognition Leave may be extended. Supervisors must contact the Office of Human Resources for guidance on carryover of Recognition Leave.

For any questions on the process, please contact