Performance Planning

Performance Planning includes a review of the current EWP and consideration of the most recent evaluation. Using the Employee Work Profile (EWP), you will establish goals and expectations for the upcoming year. It is important that these plans be measurable and attainable and more importantly aligned with your department and the University’s objectives. The plan that you prepare this year will be the plan that you will use to evaluate your employee the following year.

Classified employee EWP’s must be updated each year in careers.umw. with  the new effective date and any other changes.  Instructions are provided at the link below.   Any changes that significantly increase the accountability, scope or complexity of duties assigned, should be reviewed for proper classification and compensation using the Classified Employee In band Review process. Use the comment section in careers to alert HR that changes have been made.

A key part of the EWP is the Employee Development Plan (Part III).  Use this section to outline some development opportunities for your employees. This helps establish some clear goals and lets them know you care about their career advancement.  Using the Employee Suggestion Form will help include input from your employee to their goals and plans in their position. Below you will find some resources to help you develop an effective EWP.

Please remember, EWPs for the new cycle are collected at the same time as the evaluations for the past cycle.