What’s New?

Service Awards

Congratulations to those employees who have reached milestone years!   Check out the very large list of August Service Award Recipients !

Cirque Du Soleil Discount Tickets

Discount tickets available for purchase:  http://www.ticketsatwork.com/tickets/packages.php?sub=venue_events&action=view_event&id=3264&company=UMW

New Incentive Programs Added

For some long-term health conditions, you may receive certain drugs or supplies at NO COST:  http://www.dhrm.virginia.gov/hbenefits/OpenEnrollment2014/MyActiveHealthFlyer.pdf

State Employee Discounts –

A number of discounts are available through the Department of Human Resource Management: http://www.dhrm.virginia.gov/employeediscounts.html

Marvel Universe LIVE discount tickets available:

Patriot Center September 18-21: Fairfax

Verizon Center September 4-7:  Washington, DC

Active Health

See here for health programs designed just for you, at no extra cost offered through 4 of our insurance plans` : ActiveHealthBrochure.

Bariatric Education Program

Diabetes Management Program

Healthy Beginnings Program

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Smoking Cessation Flyer

Koko Fit Club discount

Summer special available through Koko Fit Club for all UMW employees.

Clarification on Premium Reward Mailing:

 For those currently enrolled in either COVA Care or COVA HealthAware on July 1, 2013:
-   If employee and/or enrolled spouses are currently receiving a premium reward, the reward will continue through June 30, 2015, without any additional action needed, as long as their enrollment in one of the plans continues.
-       If the employee and/or the enrolled spouse were eligible for the reward but did not complete one or both of the actions, you will have another opportunity to do so by May 31, 2014, to begin receiving the premium reward effective July 1, 2014.  You will need to complete the online health assessment and arrange for a biometric screening through www.myactivehealth.com/COVA .

  • Online assessment can be completed by registering on the site, then complete the assessment.
  • Biometric Screening – Two (2) ways to complete the biometric screening.  You may print the form to take to  your doctor or print the form to take to a LabCorp location that is convenient for you.

 For employees enrolled in either COVA Care or COVA HealthAware effective August 1, 2013 through March 1, 2014:

-      Employees and/or enrolled spouse can complete the two requirements above (online health assessment and biometric screening through www.myactivehealth.com/COVA) by May 31, 2014, in order to start receiving their premium rewards effective July 1, 2014. The reward will continue through June 30, 2015, as long as enrollment in one of the plans continues.

457 Deferred Compensation Regional Meetings

See here for more information on the 457 Deferred Compensation Regional Meetings that are being presented.

Costco Discount

Students and faculty of UMW will receive a membership discount from Costco – this offer has been extendeddetails.