A/P Faculty with Teaching Faculty Rank

Any member of the teaching faculty of the University who accepts an administrative appointment at the University for a time and then returns to the teaching faculty retains the rank and tenure s/he had at the time the administrative appointment was accepted.  If such a faculty member qualifies by the stated criteria (see Sections §7.2 and §7.7 of the Faculty Handbook) for consideration for promotion and/or tenure, s/he may be so considered, and promotion and/or tenure may be awarded prior to the return of the faculty member to the teaching faculty.

The new rate of pay for such a faculty member will normally be determined by the terms of the contract.  If not specified, the pay will be based on faculty salary data with consideration for years in rank and departmental salary alignment.

Academic rank (and tenure) may be awarded upon appointment by the Board of Visitors to a newly appointed administrator from outside the University whose qualifications and prior experience warrant it.