Annual Leave

See the appropriate section for information about A/P Faculty, classified employees, and wage and supplemental part-time employees.

A/P Faculty

Annual leave with pay is provided for vacations and personal reasons to all A/P Faculty who hold full-time positions with appointments of 12 months.  A/P Faculty with contracts of less than 12 months receive a pro-rated amount of annual leave.

A/P Faculty are granted annual leave as follows:

1-3 years of service         15 workdays

4-6 years of service        20 workdays

After 6th year                  30 workdays

A/P Faculty with contracts beginning during a fiscal year will be granted a pro-rated amount of annual leave.

Annual leave is granted in a lump sum on June 25 of each year, contingent upon the following conditions:

  • For continuing A/P Faculty, any portion of annual leave not used on June 24 is forfeited.  No annual leave will be carried over from one year to the next.
  • Upon separation or retirement, A/P Faculty will be paid for unused annual leave. A/P Faculty who separate prior to June 24 will be paid a pro-rated amount of unused annual leave up to the maximum amount they are eligible to receive at that time.
  • A/P Faculty who separate during a contract period and have used all annual leave will be required to reimburse the University for the pro-rated amount of leave in excess of that which would have been available.

A/P Faculty may schedule use of annual leave between June 25 and June 24 of the following year at a time convenient to their department.  Arrangements for annual leave require the prior approval of the supervisor and should be made well in advance of the dates requested.  Once approved, additional or extended leave may not be taken without the express approval of the supervisor.  MyTime is used to schedule and approve leave.

Annual leave balances are maintained by the Payroll Office.  The balances are calculated by days not hours.  Annual leave charged should be reported in terms of days or portions thereof.  A/P Faculty must enter leave requests in MyTime for each half-day or more of annual leave used.  These requests must be completed and approved by the supervisor at the time annual leave is requested.

Classified Employees

DHRM Policy 4.10 – Annual Leave

Annual Leave is earned (accrued) at the end of each completed pay period at a rate set according to the total amount of state salaried service; new full-time employees start by accruing four hours per pay period.  Classified employees who work less than 100%, but at least 50% accrue at a rate proportionate to the percentage worked.

An employee can carry accrued annual leave hours forward from one leave year to the next up to the carryover limits, which are also based on state service. When an employee separates from state service or experience certain other status changes, s/he will receive payment for unused annual leave, up to established payout limits. Annual Leave is available for personal uses such as vacation.  Employees should make their request for leave as far in advance as possible.

MyTime is used to request and approve leave.

Wage and Supplemental Part-time Employees

Wage or supplemental part-time employees do not earn annual leave.