Safety and Security in the Workplace

DHRM Policy 1.80 – Workplace Violence
DHRM Policy 2.30 – Workplace Harassment
UMW Policy E.3.3 – Workplace Violence

As an employer, the University make every effort to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for its employees as well as for customers, students, colleagues, and visitors. Harassment (sexual or other), threats of violence, and violent acts in the workplace will be promptly addressed.  Violation of policies related to these matters can result in serious disciplinary action including termination.

Workers’ Compensation

DHRM Policy 4.60 – Workers’ Compensation
DHRM Policy 4.57 –  Virginia Sickness and Disability Program
UMW Policy – Workers’ Compensation /Return to Work

All employees are covered by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act.

If an accident or illness arising from, and occurring in, the course of an employee’s job causes him or her to miss work, the employee may be entitled to compensation to help offset the loss of wages during the period s/he is unable to work.  The employee should report any work-related accident to his or her supervisor immediately.  If the employee requires medical attention, a list of participating workers’ compensation doctors will be provided by the Office of Human Resources.

Hazard Communications Standard Program

The University has adopted the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board’s “Hazard Communications Standard.” The purpose of this standard is to establish uniform requirements to ensure that (1) the hazards produced by certain substances in the workplace are evaluated and (2) Material Safety Data Sheets relating to these hazards are provided to affected employers and employees.  All departments of the University are included within the program, and written program guidelines are available for review from the Emergency Management and Safety Department.

Departments that use and/or store hazardous substances are required to retain Material Safety Data Sheets and forward them to the Emergency Management and Safety Department for reference and inventory on the items.  A complete set of these sheets is available for review in Brent Hall, Safety Office.

UMW Cares

UMW Cares

The UMW Cares Team is a system employed to identify and support students, faculty, and staff during high-risk situations.  This multidisciplinary team serves as a central point for assistance and information in cases when concerns are raised about a student or employee who may be at risk for harming self or others and/or who may pose a significant disruption to the campus environment.  The goal of the team is to identify, prevent, and reduce the risk of violence on campus and to promote the safety and well-being of all members of the University community.