Hazard Mitigation Plan 2013

As part of the University of Mary Washington’s continuing dedication to the protection of its students, faculty and staff, the Department of Emergency Management and Safety has undertaken an update to the University of Mary Washington Disaster Resistant University Hazard Mitigation Plan. Mitigation is the undertaking of actions to protect University assets from potential hazards. Mitigation planning involves assessing hazards that have previously impacted the UMW community and identifying the best way to reduce or eliminate their impact should they occur again.

The 2013 Update to the UMW Hazard Mitigation Plan profiles those hazards that pose the greatest threat to the University and sets specific goals and actions for reducing potential damage. The University appointed an advisory committee for reviewing the Mitigation Plan. The committee was composed of representatives of various University Departments and ranked each hazard based on its potential impact to the University and designed its mitigation goals and actions to address those determined to pose the greatest risk. Some of the hazards included in this plan are: winter storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, flooding, earthquakes, terrorism, fires, and crime.

We want your input! Please take a few minutes to review the Draft Plan and provide feedback. You can submit your comments to Jake Jarosz at jjarosz@dewberry.com and copy Ruth Lovelace at rlovelac@umw.edu.