Fire Drills

The College has consistently conducted fire drills in residential halls, but for unknown reasons drills have not been conducted in academic and administrative buildings. The risk of fire cannot be restricted to certain building uses. We have now begun conducting fire drills in all academic and administrative buildings as well as residence halls. Drills provide the opportunity for evacuation and improvement of procedures and equipment. It is far better to discover a problem during a drill rather than during an actual emergency. The following will be guidelines for the academic fire drills:

  • All buildings will be notified via department chairs/heads and appropriate vice presidents.
  • The intended week for the drill will be announced but the exact time will remain confidential. ( It may be evening classes or day classes)
  • Drills will not be conducted during major testing schedules identified in the MWC Academic Calendar.
  • ALL occupants and visitors will be required to evacuate when alarms sound, those not evacuating will be reported to appropriate supervisors.
  • A general marshaling area will be the front of the building.
  • For the present, drills will not be conducted in buildings lacking fire alarm systems due to the difficulty of effectively notifying occupants simultaneously.
  • The drills will be conducted once per academic year.
  • All employees and students are to review the Fire Safety Plan located on the MWC web site.
  • The safety division will evaluate each drill and report findings to applicable department supervisors. These findings are to be reviewed with the occupants and students to effectively educate those not in attendance during the drill.

Your active support and participation with this addition to the safety program will enhance MWC’s effective preparation for an emergency. Thank you to all in advance for your continued cooperation with regard to safety.