Student Fire Marshalls

University of Mary Washington enjoys one of the most extensive Student Fire Marshal programs in the state. There is a designated Student Fire Marshal in each resident hall at UMW. This position is a Resident Assistant auxiliary position. Student Fire Marshals receive training in fire extinguisher use, evacuation procedure, fire safety awareness and fire alarm system operation.

A Student Fire Marshal’s duties include:

Extinguisher Inspection: Fire extinguishers are inspected monthly as required by NFPA. Inspection reports are filed with the Campus Fire Marshal and the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

Building / Room Inspection: Periodic inspection of public areas and resident rooms to ensure that no fire hazards or other undage conditions exist. Report any discrepancies to the appropriate department. Report any fire or life safety issues to Environmental Health and Safety immediately.

Fire Drills: Coordinate and conduct three fire drills per semester in accordance with the Student Fire Marshal handbook. Report success/failure to each fire drill to the Campus Fire Marshal and to Environmental Health and Safety Office.

Information Resource: Ensure that each resident understands evacuation procedures, fire extinguisher operation and fire safety issues.