Credit Cards


See Available Credit Cards to determine which credit card is right for your particular need.

If you hold a UMW Finance Card or if you supervise someone who holds a UMW Finance Card, see the following sites:

UMW Finance Card Processes – Explains the responsibilities surrounding Cardholders and Approvers.

Cardholders and Approvers site – Provides instructions regarding the responsibilities of Cardholders and Approvers

Billing Cycle Dates – Provides a table with Billing Cycle Dates for the UMW Finance Cards.

Training Information – Provides direction for Cardholders and Approvers to find training for their responsibilities surrounding UMW Finance Cards.

WORKS Manual – This page links to the TESS website for training in WORKS, which is the online system for the UMW Finance Card.

See Disallowed Expenses for expenses that are not allowed.