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Bookstore Tax Holiday: August 2nd

Take advantage of the back-to-school sales tax holiday on  Aug. 2, 2013 in the UMW Bookstore. No sales tax will be charged on notebooks, pens, calculators, binders and other school supplies priced up to $20. Shoes and most clothing items priced up to $100 also will be exempt from the sales tax. For a list of eligible items and guidelines, visit The Department of Taxation website, … [Read more...]

Procurement Services – July News & Updates

Procurement Services - July News & Updates … [Read more...]

Parking: Reservations & Thornton Lot

PARKING RESERVATION Are you hosting an outside group or small event?  If parking reservations are needed please involve the Office of Parking Management within your planning process.   Reservations are accepted 24/7, through the Parking Management website, or contact the PM Office at ext. 1129 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THORNTON & CHANDLER LOTS Chandler Parking is closed while construction of the Campus Center is underway.   A new surface parking lot will open on Thornton Street in August to support campus parking needs. … [Read more...]


UMW has purchased and is testing the iValidate product.  Users will be issued a designated iPad and card swipe that will capture attendance at events; the data will interface with Blackboard and Banner, and reports will be available to provide analytics relative to UMW engagement. These reports will depict who attended the event, and information about attendees, such as:  residential student or commuter, class level, residence hall,  etc.  The information gleaned from these reports can be used appropriately by event sponsors.   The software also has the opportunity to charge a fee (EagleOne $$) if an entry fee is charged or a single product sale. For more information, contact Tracey O’Neill at x1377 … [Read more...]

Alumni Cards

In collaboration with the Office of Alumni Relations, the EagleOne Card Center will create Alumni cards.  Cards will be requested and approved through Alumni Relations.  The cards will be used to identify alumni for discounts or other promotions in the community. … [Read more...]

Konica Minolta – IT Networking

Over the next few months UMW IT along with the Copy Center will be remotely installing print drivers onto campus computers to enable networked use of Konica Minolta copiers (multifunction devices) as printers.  Added features that become available include, printing to the copier securely and scanning to email. Stay tuned for further updates as this project moves along. … [Read more...]

Reminder: Mail Summary

Just as a reminder please make sure that when you are sending out mail that you attach a mail summary form with correct FOAP. … [Read more...]