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Business Services eUpdate–April 2015

  APRIL MICRO BUSINESS EVENT The UMW Small Business Development Center (SBDC) will be assisting “micro eligible” small businesses with this new statewide classification level  on Wednesday April 22.  There will be no fee for participating businesses.  Registration is required.   If Departmental Buyers are aware of businesses who fit this category, encourage them to visit the SBDC website for more information. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATES ON STANDARD TECHNOLOGY REQUEST AND BYO FORMS The following 3 items were added to the Standard Technology Request form: Apple Magic Trackpad                 Logitech Wireless Mouse                     Apple Thunderbolt Display The following 2  items were added to the BYO form: Non Apple branded iPad and Tablet Cases/Sleeves/Covers Non Apple branded cables including but not limited to HDMI, Ethernet, DVI, VGA, etc. *ANY Apple branded products including Smart … [Read more...]

Course material adoptions due

Adoptions for fall 2015 are due on or before April 13, 2015 Adoptions may be sent to Visit and select Faculty Page for course material adoption forms and more information.  Please call with questions: DJ Garcia: (540) 654-1648 … [Read more...]

New Parking Lot Designation for Alvey Dr. Deck

Beginning immediately, the University is issuing a change of use in the Alvey Drive parking deck. Level #4 (top level) of the parking deck will be reserved for campus visitors only (there is no longer any Fac/Staff parking on level #4), while levels 1-3 will be available for all UMW registered vehicle (as is the status of the surface lots beyond the deck). Deck painting and signage will be updated shortly to reflect these changes. Questions? Call (540) 654-1129 or email Robin Jones. … [Read more...]

Faculty/Staff/Contractor/Vendor Decal Re-Registration 2015

All Faculty and Staff decals expire on July 1st 2015. All Contractors/Vendors decals expire July 31st, 2015 UMW employees must re-register all current vehicles through the Eaglenet Portal beginning Monday March 2, 2015 through June 30, 2015; July 30 for Contractors. Note: If a decal was requested and received after Jan. 6, 2015, it is the new decal (oval shape) and is valid thru July 1, 2017. Once a new decal has been issued for a vehicle, the old decal will be invalid. To request a decal through Eaglenet, use the following steps: Open Banner Self-Service Select Personal Information Select Parking Management System You can also click: Any group needing assistance should contact Robin Jones, (540) 654-1129.   … [Read more...]

Pepsi Sticker Promo Continues

Stickers were randomly placed on drink bottles in vending machines around campus. Be sure to check your vend drink for a sticker. Bring the empty bottle with sticker attached to the EagleOne Card Center, Lee Hall room 110, MF 8AM-5PM. Sticker amount will be deposited to your EagleOne card. Sponsored by Pepsi … [Read more...]

Bookstore Supply Vending Machine at ITCC

Students and employees can purchase select items from the Bookstore’s new vending machine located on the second floor of ITCC. Products list includes:  USB cords, computer supplies, batteries, highlighters, dry erase, and various office supplies. … [Read more...]

Special order? Think Bookstore first!

Departments, prior to making volume purchases from any of our contracted promotional vendors, buyers should contact the UMW Bookstore.  The Bookstore is self-operated and those revenues actually fund numerous campus departments and activities.   Why not support yourself? Contact Ozelle Hackett with any special order needs. … [Read more...]

Save money and time at the Copy Center!

Cheapest copies on campus with fast turnaround too! Copies at the Copy Center on campus are only $.035 each that’s half the cost of your departmental copier. And normal turnaround is 24 hours.  The following graph represents savings opportunities if jobs were produced at the Copy Center in lieu of on a departmental copier: YTD POTENTIAL SAVINGS Top 10  YTD Potential Savings Jepson Copier $    2,613.77 GW, 3rd floor $    1,302.24 Trinkle, 2nd floor $     1,182.12 Combs, 3rd floor Copier $        975.23 Eagle Landing, 4th floor $        829.97 Combs, 2nd floor Copier $        675.91 Goolrick $        620.35 Trinkle, 1st floor $        460.53 Combs, 1st floor Copier $        422.67 Lee, 4th floor $        370.20 Top Ten opportunities for savings $     9,452.96 … [Read more...]

Save on bulk mail!

The UMW Post Office has partnered with UPS Mail Innovations and PSI to save you money. They both focus on bulk mail to insure that the client gets all the savings possible. Want to know more? Give us a call at 540-654-1049. … [Read more...]