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National Student Watch Survey

In the fall of 2015, UMW participated in the National Association of College Stores (NACS) National Student Watch Survey, designed to monitor student preferences surrounding course materials to assist stores in best supporting their students. If all else were equal, 67% of students prefer to shop through the UMW Bookstore, 56.66% in store and 10.2% online, while 59.61% used the website to research different format options. Many UMW students were unaware of a price comparison tool on the UMW Bookstore website. … [Read more...]


The University now has a retail licensing program! Vendors can now sell branded UMW merchandise. Visit the website, or contact Lauren McDonald for more information. Below: The ZipTip, a customized zipper pull, is currently available in the UMW Bookstore. Created by Taylynn MFG, LLC.   … [Read more...]