Jepson Air Handler Replacement (HVAC) Project

The Jepson Air Handler Replacement project will replace two rooftop units over the course of 5-6 weeks in summer 2023. The work will include building closures, crane activity, and a controlled perimeter around the project area, along with careful coordinate with science faculty and students to minimize disruption to summer classes and research. Staff will aid in the coordination of safety measures as vendors complete this upgrade.

Image of planned construction disruptions around Jepson Science Center.

On Friday, July 21, we begin a project to replace the HVAC units on the roof of the original section of the Jepson Science Center. The project is expected to take five to six weeks and will include periodic building closures of Jepson Science Center and the adjacent road, crane activity, and a controlled perimeter around the project area. Please see that attached diagram for details of the areas that will be blocked off for the project.

The road adjacent to Jepson Science Center leading behind Simpson Library will remain open to traffic but may have periodic closures as materials are delivered or crane work takes place. Signage and staff will be in place to direct traffic during these periods. Two accessible parking spaces remain available adjacent to Jepson.

Some classes and labs in Jepson Science Center have already made alternative plans during the work period, including working remotely or relocating to the new section of the building, which will maintain air conditioning. If you have activities or meetings scheduled in Jepson Science Center during this work period, or if you have any questions, please contact Director of Maintenance Services Nolan Akau at to make sure the building will be open during that time. To ensure the safety of all involved, the building will be closed to all occupants during critical phases of the project when the crane is lifting materials.

Please allow extra time to traverse this end of campus and be aware of construction closures and detours, and visit for more information on campus construction. Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we replace the HVAC units on Jepson Science Center.