University Center

(Status: Completed)

Located along College Avenue and overlooking Ball Circle, the University Center is a four-story Jeffersonian-inspired structure that serves as a hub for UMW Fredericksburg campus activities. The first floor houses the main kitchen, where food stocks are stored and initial food preparation occurs. A service elevator transports food to the fourth floor finishing kitchens, where meals are prepared “to order” for students.

Also located on the first floor is the Chandler Ballroom, acknowledging the building which formerly stood at the University Center location. This space is the preferred venue for many campus and community events.

The second floor features the campus “living room”, a space for cozy fireplace gatherings on comfortable furniture. Nearby are the Information desk, the Careers Center, and Qdoba, a retail dining space which also offers games tables.

The building’s third floor is dedicated to student meeting spaces and organizations and includes 600 square feet of workspace with computer banks and multiple meeting rooms for students and clubs to employ and reserve.

The campus’ primary dining center is located on the fourth floor and includes seating for 800. The fourth floor also features two multi-purpose rooms and an all-season balcony opening onto Ball Circle.