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Wage Employees

Wage employment is defined as employment to meet seasonal, temporary, part-time, or casual workforce needs. Wage employees are not covered by the Virginia Personnel Act. Wage employees are considered non-exempt for the purposes of applying the Fair Labor Standards Act and are not entitled for fringe benefits, except for worker's compensation and leave without pay for military service in the reserve components. It is important to note that the total work hours for all periods of employment with the University may not exceed  1500 hours for the 12- month period May 1 to April 30.  Wage employees are eligible to participate in tax-sheltered annuities. … [Read more...]

Request for Special Pay

The Request for Special Payment Form is to be used for Teaching and Administrative Faculty and is authorization for payment in addition to regular salary. Effective May 1, 2013 - This form has been updated to include information for the Affordable Care Act pertaining to Adjunct Faculty. *Note on Adjuncts: To assure compliance with the state’s Affordable Care Act guidance, Deans must determine and approve the additional hours of work before assignments are made. Any hours of work compensated by a special pay action will have to be documented and counted towards their 29 hours per week on average over a twelve month period. … [Read more...]

Roth 457 Information:

VRS Roth Schedules for July VRS Roth Comparison Chart VRS Roth FAQ 2015 Roth 457 For everything ROTH, please click on the following link to view a brief video: … [Read more...]