Child Care Subsidy Program

The University of Mary Washington has partnered with KinderCare, a child care facility located on the Mary Washington Hospital campus, to subsidize the cost of child care for infant, toddler, and preschool age children of UMW employees.  The UMW Foundation is providing funding for this program as part of their effort to support the faculty and staff of the University.

This initiative is a project whereby KinderCare will offer up to fourteen child care slots to University of Mary Washington employees at a mutually agreed upon reduced rate.  UMW will pay up to $1200 per year for those enrolled through this program.  In addition, the $50 registration fee will not be charged to UMW employees.

KinderCare is one of the premier child care facilities in the region and as such, one of the most difficult to place a child.  The UMW slots will be offered as they become available via vacancies at KinderCare.  To be considered for this program, interested employees must submit the attached Child Care Subsidy Application to the UMW Office of Human Resource.  Please see the application instructions below.

About Kids’ Station Powered by KinderCare

KinderCare is fully licensed and is accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs.  The child care center is located on the Mary Washington Hospital campus at 1100 Sam Perry Boulevard in Fredericksburg, Virginia, approximately one mile from the UMW campus.

It is KinderCare’s mission to serve families by providing their children with professional child care, preschool, kindergarten and school-age education within a secure and nurturing environment.

KinderCare offers enriching activities to help your child develop physical growth, positive self-esteem, practical living skills and appropriate academics all balanced with fun and excitement!  The center’s planning goals recognize each child’s needs relating to cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, special talents and interests, special needs, styles and paces of learning.

KinderCare is open Monday-Friday.  All children are welcome from three weeks old to fourteen years old.  Parents interested in the Kids’ Station program are encouraged to come by for a tour and to observe the activities and environment.  Please contact Brittany at 540-741-3740 for more information.

See the Child Care Subsidy Application.

Questions may be directed to Denise Frye in the UMW Office of Human Resources, (540) 654-1210 or