Frequently Asked Questions for Hiring Managers

How do I request access to Careers?

All employees have access to Careers to view their own Position Description.

Access to Careers as a hiring manager, reviewer, dean, etc. is determined by roles and responsibilities within the University.

Are my old position descriptions already in the system?

Yes, they are.

How can I get training on this system?

Training is available to users in several forms:

Classroom Training has been designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the new features of the system and hands-on training/walk through of the workflows, processes, and forms included in the position creation, update, recruitment, and selection processes. Training is scheduled periodically and can be accessed for registration through the UMW Global.

Manuals/Documentation have been created to provide an anytime, anywhere reference for Careers. These manuals will continue to be updated as modifications and enhancements are made to the system.

How do I request a position action (e.g. new position, reclassification/title change/salary adjustment)?

All position actions are now entered and routed electronically for review in the Careers. Please go to the following link to access the system and begin entering the action:

When I attempt to access the new system, I receive an error message “This page has moved.” What am I doing wrong?

You are doing nothing wrong. If you are accessing the site from a saved bookmark, the bookmark may be incorrect. If you have checked your bookmarks, consider the following: Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome all cache web pages to allow for faster access. Unfortunately, the browser you are using appears to be pulling an old version of the page which no longer exists. We recommend checking the following items: 1) ensure you are visiting the correct page and if still receiving the error 2) clear your browser’s cache (each browser is different, but this is usually done through the Tools/Options panel). You can usually find step-by-step instructions online or in the browser Help menu. After clearing your cache, close the browser completely and then pull up a new window and enter the URL again.

Are temporary position recruitments handled through Careers? How are they different?

No, they’re not. See for information about hiring temporary personnel.