The Process


Supervisor / Employee Hold Plan Review Meeting

Supervisor Completes the Plan

The Supervisor owns the first two steps in the Performance Management process.

The Performance Management process begins with a review of the employee’s Employee Work Profile.  This document includes the Core Responsibilities of the position, as well as elements that define how each Responsibility will be measured.  Changes to the EWP cannot be made at this point of the performance review cycle, but the Supervisor should review the Core Responsibilities and Measures.

After meeting with the employee to discuss the employee’s EWP and Core Responsibilities. the supervisor will complete the Performance Plan.

The plan also includes a list of the Performance Factors that all employees are evaluated on.

The Professional Development Goals that were established at the beginning of the cycle are also part of the Plan.

Employee Acknowledges the Plan The Employee will acknowledge that they have reviewed the plan.

Supervisor Acknowledges Progress Check-In

Employee Acknowledges Progress Check-In

The Employee and Supervisor will meet in the middle of the Performance cycle.  This meeting gives supervisors and employees a chance to meet and discuss the employee’s performance, progress toward accomplishing the goal(s), and concerns or issues that the employee or supervisor have.

Note:  For the 2017 – 2018 cycle, these steps apply only to Classified positions.

Employee Completes Self-Assessment Once the Supervisor completes the Plan, the employee will have an opportunity to complete a Self-Assessment.  This is encouraged, but is not required.
Supervisor Creates Evaluation After completion of the Self-Assessment, the evaluation is passed back to the Supervisor for creation of the Evaluation.  The Supervisor will take the EWP, Self-Assessment, feedback from others, and other documentation into consideration as the evaluation is completed.
Reviewer Gives Approval / Makes Comments Once the Evaluation has been completed by the Supervisor, the Reviewer will review the evaluation, and may Approve the Evaluation or send it back to the Supervisor for additional work.
Supervisor / Employee Meet The Employee and Supervisor will meet to review the evaluation.
Employee Acknowledges Evaluation Once all reviews have been done, the Employee indicates that the evaluation has been reviewed.  This indicates that the employee has reviewed the evaluation – but does not convey agreement.
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