Complete Supervisor Evaluation

Once the employee has completed the Self-Assessment, the Supervisor will complete the evaluation.

An evaluation is the assessment and review of a worker’s job performance.  The Supervisor will:

  • Utilize the current EWP to rate each core responsibility, special assignment, and applicable performance factor.
  • Take into consideration any submitted employee self-assessment, using the self-evaluation to get a sense how the employee views their performance and what Goals they have set for themselves.
  • Assess the employee’s progress toward meeting his/her learning goals.
  • Determine the overall performance level.

Completing the Supervisor Evaluation requires the Supervisor’s fair judgment and objective assessment of the employee’s total job performance throughout the review cycle.

The evaluation will have the same components that you reviewed before.  The Supervisor will rate and enter comments about each item:
EWP, (Core/Major Job Responsibilities and the Measures for Core / Major Responsibilities), Performance Factors, and Professional Development Goals/Activities.

Important:  Changes to the EWP cannot be made at this point of the performance review cycle.

  1. Log In to Careers.  See Logging In.

  2. Go to the University of Mary Washington Employee Portal.

  3. Choose the Action Item that you wish to work on.  It is now time for the Supervisor to complete the evaluation.

  4. You will enter a rating and a comment for each Core Responsibility a rating and a comment.

  5. Click Next when you’re ready to go to the next step (assessing the Performance Factors).
    At any time, you may Save a Draft of your work.

  6. Assess the Performance Factors, providing a rating and a comment for each item.

    Note:  The same set of Performance Factors is required for all employees.


    Click Next when you’re ready to go to the next step (assessing the Professional Development items).

  8. Rate the Professional Development Activities / Goals, providing a rating and a comment for each item.


  9. Provide an Overall Rating of the employee’s work for the past year.  Add appropriate Comments.

  10. Click Save Draft after each entry.


  11. Click Next to go to the next step.

    Note:  If an overall Extraordinary Contributor rating is given, an Acknowledgement of Extraordinary Contribution form must be attached.

    HR must be consulted if an overall Does Not Meet rating is given and a Notice of Improvement Needed/Substandard Performance form must be attached.

  12. When you are done, select Complete at the bottom of the screen.
    Note:  You may also go to the Actions menu and choose Complete.

  13. When prompted, verify that you wish to complete the evaluation.