Supervisor Completes the Performance Plan

  1. Log In to Careers.  See Logging In.

  2. Go to the University of Mary Washington Employee Portal.

  3. You should see a list of all of the tasks that are due for you Choose the Action Item that you wish to work on.  At this stage in the process, you are completing the Performance Management plan.  This stage is normally completed at the beginning of the cycle.

  4. Review the Employee’s EWP, reviewing the Core/Major Job Responsibilities and the Measures for Core / Major Responsibilities.

    Important:  Changes to the EWP cannot be made at this point of the performance review cycle.

  5. Click Next when you’re ready to go to the next step (reviewing the Performance Factors).

  6. Review the Performance Factors.  The same set of Performance Factors is required for all employees.

  7. Click Next when you’re ready to go to the next step (reviewing the Professional Development Activities / Goals).

  8. Review the Professional Development Activities / Goals.pd_activities_goals


    Add any Activities and / or Goals that were developed at the beginning of the performance cycle.

    To do so:
    Select the Professional Development Type (Activity or Goal).

    Give the Activity / Goal a name.

    Provide a description for the Activity / Goal.

    Select the due date for the Activity / Goal.

    Click Save Draft after each entry.

    If you need to add another Professional Development Activity / Goal, click Add Entry.
    Click Next to go to the next step.

    Click Next when you’re ready to proceed (You’ll be taken to the Resources page.).

  9. When you are done, select Complete at the bottom of the screen.
    Note:  You may also go to the Actions menu and choose Complete.

  10. When prompted, verify that you wish to complete the plan.