Dashboard View

There are several ways available to you to view information about your employees.


The Dashboard is a convenient, easy way to see the status of employees who report to you (or to your direct reports).

    1. Log In to Careers.  See Logging In.

    2. Go to the University of Mary Washington Employee Portal.

    3. Click the drop down arrow next to the word Performance; it is in the black band at the top of the screen.  Choose Dashboard.

    4. View the status of your and your employees’ reviews, as well as access those reviews.

    5. The colors of the Progress numbers tell you about the status of each stage of the evaluation.

      orange Yellow items are not complete.
      green Green items have been completed.
      gray Gray items have not been started.
      red Red items are overdue.
      dark-gray Dark gray items are disputed.

    6. The same colors are reflected in the tabs at the top of the list of employees.

    7. Click on the Employee’s name to go to that person’s evaluation.