Employee / Supervisor Meeting

Once all ratings and comments are complete, the Supervisor and Employee will meet to review the evaluation.  They will:

  • Review the expectations that were established at the beginning of the cycle.
  • Review the evaluation with the employee.
  • Discuss ideas for improvement and input on accomplishments.
  • Discuss learning needs and ask what you can do to help the employee succeed in his/her goals/objectives.
  • Deliver effective feedback:
    • Base feedback on stated expectations;
    • be specific;
    • focus on behavior, not personality.
    • Listen carefully to the employee’s responses to ensure understanding of the discussion, deliver feedback, and make feedback an ongoing process.

At the end of the meeting, the Supervisor will mark the task complete.

  1. Log In to Careers.  See Logging In.

  2. Go to the University of Mary Washington Employee Portal.

  3. Choose the Action Item that you wish to work on.  It is now time for the Supervisor to complete the evaluation.

  4. Click the Complete button to confirm that the Supervisor and Employee met.