Reviewer’s Comments

The Reviewer must review the evaluation(s) of the employees who report to the Reviewer’s direct reports.  Once an evaluation has been reviewed, the Reviewer may:

  • Approve the evaluation. Doing so adds this approval to the evaluation.  The Reviewer has the opportunity to add Comments to the evaluation.
  • Return the evaluation to the Supervisor.  The Reviewer and Supervisor should work together to resolve the issues that caused the Reviewer to return the evaluation.

The Reviewer may review the Employee’s Self-Assessment.

  1. Log In to Careers.  See Logging In.

  2. Go to the University of Mary Washington Employee Portal.

  3. Choose the Action Item that you wish to work on.  It is now time for the Reviewer to to provide comments.

  4. You should scroll through the evaluation, looking over the ratings and reading the comments made by the Supervisor.

  5. At the bottom of the evaluation, you may enter comments in the Comment box.

  6. The Reviewer will now Approve the evaluation or Return it to the Supervisor for revision.


  7. The Reviewer will verify that the task should be approved by clicking the OK button.