Outlook 2010-Calendar Essentials

About the Class:

This workshop lasts 90 minutes.

It is part of the certificate series Office 2010 Productivity.

Microsoft Outlook contains a calendar feature that offers organizational tools that are easy for the novice to use, yet powerful enough for the busy manager. It provides us with tools for scheduling appointments, and allows us to share and manage many calendars at the same time. Its innovative viewing and organizing capabilities offer an effective way to simultaneously deal with many complex timetables and agendas. This workshop will teach participants how to get the most out of Outlook. It will cover various topics, including how to make appointments in Outlook, how to color-code your calendar, changing preferences and views, sharing calendars with others, making meeting requests, and more.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Explore the Outlook 2010 calendar interface
  • Use calendar views, preferences, and defaults
  • Make appointments and create meeting requests
  • Understand and use calendar fields
  • Compare calendars with others
  • Create and communicate with Outlook groups
  • Understand calendar sharing with non-UMW Outlook users

What You Need to Know:

  • Work with the Outlook interface
  • Compose, format, reply to, and forward email messages
  • Use UMW’s global address list
  • Attach files to email messages

If you don’t have those skills, consider first taking the workshop:

  • Outlook 2010 – Email Basics


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