We’re thankful for…

I am so thankful for the administrative support Anjanie Skornia provides for the nursing faculty, both BSN-C and 1-2-1 students (and sometimes their parents) as well as myself.  She keeps our department running and we are so fortunate to have her onboard!  – Janet Atarthi-Dugan

I am so thankful for the Registrar’s Office: especially Evie (who is my “go to” for anything having to do w/ the schedule), for Patricia S. who is always going above and beyond for our transfer students and of course for Kevin C. and Liz Sanders who tirelessly work to get our students registered and support our growing program! THANK YOU ALL!  – Janet Atarthi-Dugan

I am thankful that my colleagues put the students first. They truly take service and support to another level when creating student programming and making sure students have a place to grow and be challenged safely. – Jared Grigg

I’m thankful to work with Lisa Chinn Marvashti, Anna Billingsley and the entire University Relations team, whose dedication, creativity and illustriousness continues to amaze me every day, and even more so in the midst of this pandemic. – Jill Laiacona 

I am thankful to work at UMW and to work with such a wonderful group of people. From student services to Eagle One crew and Business services crew. Great team work! – Jean Elliott

I am thankful for Ben Kjar, who is always willing to help and is always positive, and is a joy to work with. He and his team have come through for us on countless occasions!

I am thankful for Dr. Grant Woodwell, who has been a wonderful mentor to me the past five years. From my first day at UMW he has provided continued support, guidance, and motivation. I so appreciate you; -Thank you!

I am thankful for Dr. John Morello, who always knows the answer to every question. He always has the best advice and is truly one in a million! I will miss you, Dr. Morello!

I am thankful for ALL CAS CHAIRS (past and present) who have provided me with leadership and support. For your positive messages on a not-so-positive day and for the friendships we have developed, Thank You!! I truly love working with all “my” Chairs!

I am thankful for my RO team, Rita Dunston, Kevin Caffrey, Brian Ogle, Angie Lynch, Sharon Williams, Mary White, Liz Sanders, Ryan Hastings, Patricia Sarkuti, Angela Sawyer, and Jennifer Smith. We come through time and time again, and I am so glad to be on such a winning team!

I am thankful for Rita Dunston, who has provided the inspiration, motivation, and determination to ensure our office is successful. Her encouragement and guidance continue to be a constant, especially in stressful times.  – Evie Sherlock

I am thankful for Alicia Tisdale who always brightens my day with her positivity and encouragement.  – Evie Sherlock

I am so thankful for Anna Billingsley – she is truly Superwoman! I am so grateful to have a leader like her during these unprecedented times. – Nancy Pham

I’m thankful for Anna Hollrah who works in the Office of Academic Services. Her positive attitude brings a sense of calmness to the many situations the Office of the Registrar and Academic Services deal with. – Rita Dunston

I’m thankful for our entire Alumni Relations team–small but mighty in efforts to make the alumni experience meaningful! – Angela McCormick

JoAnna Raucci – I am grateful for your humor and your good ideas. You are so fun to work with and every meeting is made better when you’re there! – Sandrine Sutphin

Crystal Rawls – you are such a hard worker, I don’t know what I would do without you! You did so much this semester, and over the summer, and last spring when I was on maternity leave…..needless to say, SAE and UMW are so lucky to have you!  – Sandrine Sutphin

Kelly Shannon – your positive and peaceful energy are a blessing to be around, in person or virtually. I am so so grateful to get to work with you! – Sandrine Sutphin

I am thankful for the Registrar’s Office Team. Your determination, motivation and inspiration doesn’t go unnoticed. THANK YOU for your exceptional work as always. I appreciate your contribution and efforts in meeting our team goals. – Rita Dunston

Jennifer Buist, who is always there to lend a hand in whatever you need, she is just a phone call away. We help each other out on occasions when we are not going to be in the office. I am very thankful to have her as a coworker in Combs Hall! – Julie Coates

The Historic Preservation Professors, I am thankful to be working with and for a great department! Always there to lend a hand, they all go above and beyond their call of duty. They are the best! – Julie Coates

I’m thankful for Kelsey Proctor in the Admissions Office who is always ready to answer my questions and provide vital support and assistance to our incoming students and parents! Thank you for all you do!! – Anna Hollrah

Martha Link, I am so thankful for Martha always there to lend a hand. Even though she has a lot on her plate, she is always there to help in whatever you need! – Julie Coates

I am thankful for Kyle Smith, even if he doesn’t say goodnight at the end of the day 🙂 He was still fairly new when COVID happened and he has really stepped up. The Office of Student Accounts would be lost without you. – Julie Pugliese

I am thankful for Paul Griggs. I appreciate you constantly teaching me and pushing me to become the best employee I can be. I am where I am today because of you. – Julie Pugliese

I am thankful for Ryan Snellings. He is a great co-worker, team player and always willing to help when needed. I can’t imagine our office without you. I so appreciate all the Chic Fila food runs he does for us. – Julie Publiese

I’m thankful for Chief Hall and Safety Mike Muckinhaupt. Thanks for your guidance and steps taken to protect us during a Spring semester that was packed with pandemic related and other threats. Thanks always, but especially in these particularly challenging times! – Julie Smith

I am truly incredibly thankful to have the privilege to work with our amazing Finance team! Student Accounts, TESS, Accounting, Cashiering, Accounts Payable, Compliance, Reporting, Payroll and Finance folks … THANK YOU! You are a fantastic group of the most dedicated and hardest working people I know. Your perseverance and resilience are incredible. Your support of me and of each other is admirable, and I’m thankful for each of you! – Julie Smith

I am thankful for the small, but extremely hardworking, team in Student Accounts, including Paul Griggs, Julie Pugliese, and Ryan Snellings. Each and every one of you have taught me so much since I began, and not a day goes by that we don’t encourage one another and keep things at work as fun as possible. Our jobs have been made much more difficult, just like everyone else’s, but I can assure you we have not skipped a beat and I can thank you all for your hard work and encouragement.  – Kyle Smith

I’m thankful for my all of my IT Department coworkers. The Help Desk, Tommy and Edward for countless phone calls and support. The IT Techs, Robin, Barry, Josh and Alphonso the worker bees that march out every day to fix problems for everyone. AV group, Jeff and Jacob keeping those projectors work for all. The Networking group, Deb Jason George and David keeping everyone online 24/7. Server group, David and Becky, working tirelessly on many things. AES group Ben, Jim, Erick, April and Linda, who make everting behind the computer screens work. IT Business Office, Sam, for keeping up with all of the ordering and licensing. My boss Mike the ISO and my temp boss for a while Hall the CIO, I couldn’t have asked for better bosses. All do a mostly behind the scenes work that go unnoticed and keep things running smoothly. I have leaned on all of you and called on all of you at some point to help me with my position. I thank you and I appreciate all of you. – James Ashmore

I am thankful for Marissa Miller! Marissa always goes above and beyond for our students and community. She is thoughtful, dedicated, and extremely creative!

I am very thankful for my crew at the Student Health Center, Rene Sanders, Danielle Hollandsworth, Stacey Wilson, Janice White-Wormley and Kathleen Tillery for working so hard this semester in working with a new Electronic Health Record, operating 2 clinics (COVID clinic and regular clinic), contacting students with symptoms and contacts with the daily attestation and following students in Quarantine and Isolation. This is on top of everything else they normally do for students at the SHC. If it wasn’t for all of you, we would not have had a successful response to the pandemic this semester! Thank you so much for all that you do! – Dr. Nancy Wang

Thank you to both the Student Involvement and Title IX teams! Thank you for having me as a member of both teams. I love working with you all! – Crystal Rawls 

Thank you to Stefanie Lucas-Waverly for doing so much to support our community… often without getting recognized for your hard work. I think you helped our team survive by creating an engaging staff meeting with professional/personal development during the pandemic. The consistency was amazing and it felt good to see our team weekly. You really made us feel connected and provided a sense of normalcy. Thank you for encouraging me to reach for the stars and for believing I can reach any goal that I set for myself. Lastly, for letting me see and hang out with “Surly the Puppy” any time I needed puppy energy. – Marissa Miller

Thank you to the HR Team for creating the “12 days of Employee Appreciation” this year. I had a fantastic time participating in the events. I know it was not easy planning this out so I want to say thank you for all your hard work. – Marissa Miller

Thank you to the Area Coordinators (Lee Roy Johnson, Megan Brown, and Laura Gilchrist) and the Assistant Director (John Hughey) for providing boots on the ground support to our residential students and your student staff. You all went above and beyond to support this community. I can’t imagine this semester being successful without your support. Please know your hard work does not go unnoticed. Side note: I miss our lunches in the dining hall. – Marissa Miller

Thank to Kathryn Pastore for being so helpful and really showing me a different perspective. You had about three months on campus before we moved to teleworking. However, you have been rocking it since your arrival. I appreciate all of your support and glad you joined our team. – Marissa Miller

Thank you to Terri Arthur for being wonderful! So sad we are not traveling for our conferences and debriefing the sessions over some good food. You are such a diligent employee and thoughtful person. This is so transparent in your work ethic with others. – Marissa Miller


Thank you to Ray Tuttle! Wow we survived the semester and OSCAR truly flourished under your leadership. You were fantastic in managing the numerous and daily reports that came in regarding COVID and conduct incidents. You worked with many faculty, staff, and students to make sure we were moving forward to support the University’s expectations. Our case load increased greatly but we did it! – Marissa Miller

Thank you to DeAnna Absher for always providing a listening ear and for keeping me grounded. Also, for reminding me to leave the office to grab a bite to eat because I get distracted (lol)! Or keeping snacks for us in the office. You are the true MVP for many many reasons. – Marissa Miller

Thank you to Crystal Rawls for being so fantastic and making BINGO fun. I really miss our movie outings (insert sad face emoji). But I am so glad I get to witness your positive energy each week. – Marissa Miller

Thank you to Juliette Landphair and Sabrina Johnson for supporting us as we embark on our application for the OVW grant. Your support and confidence is greatly appreciated as we take the next step forward! – Marissa Miller