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Holiday Parking

  *As the holidays approach please keep in mind that parking policies and procedures still apply. Parking is enforced yearlong.   * Inclement Weather Parking messages are distributed campus-wide when conditions warrant. ALL vehicles, including UMW vehicles assigned to various departments must follow the Inclement Weather Parking Guidelines. … [Read more...]


  Ongoing storm water projects: Marshall, Physical Plant, and Lee Hall Rear lot . Awareness for safety while driving and walking in these areas. Woodard/Mercer-through summer 2015-continued enforcement to keep trucks/construction vehicles at a reasonable speed and out of the parking lots, and from impeding Fire Access.   Awareness for safety while driving and walking in these areas. … [Read more...]

Spring 2015 Decals Available December 22

Online registration for the prorated Spring decals begin on December 22, 2014. The cost for Residential, Apartment and Commuter decals will be $100; the cost for Eagle Landing Deck decals will be $175. Window registration will begin on January 5, 2015 … [Read more...]

Student Parking Advisory Committee

The Office of Parking Management is forming a STUDENT PARKING ADVISORY COMMITTEE and would love to hear from you. Interested? The group will meet two or three times per semester to review campus parking challenges, opportunities, and to involve students in campus parking plans. If interested, call or e-mail Robin Jones at ext. 1129, or … [Read more...]

Recent Lot Changes

30 minute spaces in Lee Hall rear lot 15 minute spaces campus-wide now have signs instead of painted bumper blocks 10 visitor spaces on inbound Double Drive (on left) are now “Admissions Visitors Only” spaces, M-F, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. … [Read more...]

Construction Projects

  Ongoing storm water projects: Marshall, Physical Plant. (Lee rear lot postponed) Woodard/Mercer-through summer 2015: continued enforcement to keep trucks/construction vehicles at a reasonable speed and out of the parking lots. Awareness for safety. Questions? Contact Parking Management at (540) 654-1129 or … [Read more...]

New Visitor Spaces – Lee Hall

To meet campus demands, two parking spaces between Lee and Trinkle Halls (lot 18), will be designated for 30 minute parking.  This allows parking for short-term business and pick-up/drop-offs. There is no UMW permit required, but time limit will be enforced. … [Read more...]

Parking Disruptions Due to Construction

Construction Projects - Fall 2014 Russell/Marshall lots/traffic pattern will be disrupted due to stormwater management work. Sunken Road lot #13/Woodard Hall lot contains ‘construction staging area’ for Mercer/Woodard renovations. Use caution in Back Drive area of campus while walking and driving, due to heavy construction equipment/traffic present. Simpson lot/traffic pattern release from construction activities in near future. Questions? Contact Robin Jones x1129 … [Read more...]

Fall 2014 – Student Move-In Parking

In the coming weeks, more than 800 students will arrive on campus prior to official student “move-in” date.  Expect some disruption to parking in Fac/Staff lots to allow for student access. Your understanding and support are appreciated. … [Read more...]

Fall 2014 Decals Available August 1st

2014-15 Academic Year Decals 2014-2015 parking decals are now available online (EagleNet). Or, register at the Parking Management Office, in Lee Hall 201B. 2014-15 Academic Year Decal Prices: - Residential Student:  $200 - Commuter Student:  $200 - Eagle Landing Residents:  $350 For information on how to request a decal and proper placement on vehicle, visit: … [Read more...]