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City of Fredericksburg Parking Update

Many of you have contacted members of the Fredericksburg City Council about the proposed parking changes in the City of Fredericksburg and, in particular, those that will impact the University of Mary Washington. These changes were to have taken effect in January 2018. At the City Council meeting last Tuesday night the members took no action on the proposed regulations; instead, they sent the plans back to the City’s Parking Advisory Committee, of which I am a member. We met last Thursday night. Please see the attached minutes from that meeting. While no formal actions were taken or recommended, I’d love to hear any feedback on our discussion as we meet again December 14.  Please email me at Best wishes for an enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving! Lynne Richardson Chair, UMW Parking Task Force … [Read more...]

Plan to Address Parking Changes

UMW Faculty, Staff and Students, This message is a follow up to last week’s email that explained WHY changes will be occurring to UMW’s parking, effective January 2018. Today’s message addresses HOW we plan to address the proposed changes by the City of Fredericksburg. Studies were done by our parking professionals earlier this fall to determine parking lot usage. There are numerous spaces generally available in the William Street lot and in the Alvey parking deck. Additionally, we have capacity in the Battleground lot (by the soccer field) and on Hanover Street (which is outside the planned ‘resident only’ parking restrictions in College Heights). There are also a limited number of spaces in the Eagle Landing parking deck (this deck requires a fob to enter). We plan to open the Sunken Road gate and run a shuttle for two hours in the mornings and afternoons (times TBD based on needs) from the Alvey parking deck and Battleground lot down College Avenue, making three stops … [Read more...]

Parking Changes Coming in January

The following email is sent from the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance. To the campus community: As some of you may have heard, the beginning of next semester will bring several changes related to parking around campus. These changes result from a parking study commissioned by the City of Fredericksburg that reviewed parking in the downtown area as well as around UMW. Here are the key changes that will impact the UMW community, beginning in January of 2018: Residential neighborhoods surrounding campus will be restricted to resident parking only, prohibiting UMW student OR faculty parking in College Heights or College Terrace during the day Monday through Friday. This will include the residential side of College Avenue. On the campus side of College Avenue, a two-block stretch on either side of the University Center will become two-hour parking only. Additional changes, including metered parking along College Avenue, are planned for … [Read more...]