2018-2019 Decals Available August 1

Fall Student Decals will go on sale on August 1, 2018. Decals may be purchased online through Self-Service Banner or at the Parking Management window. The rates are as follows:

Residential $225
UMW Apartments $225
Eagle Landing $375
Commuter $225



  1. Espayline Marcelin says

    Is the decal for the whole year? If it is not, why it is 225 $?

  2. Kathy Ripper says

    what do we need to bring with us to Lee Hall when we purchase the commuter parking pass tomorrow? What about listing 2 different cars? Thanks!

  3. Haylee Beish says

    I tried to purchase my parking decal under the Self-Service Banner, however a message appears saying FRESHMAN can’t purchase one. But, I’m a sophomore. Why does the banner still show I’m a freshman?


    I included my parking permit fee in the payment plan, what do I need to do to get my decal?

    • Lauren McDonald says

      You will still need to register the vehicle. This can be done online or in person at the parking management office located in Lee Hall. Please bring your vehicle registration with you to register.

  5. Brie Hawkins says

    I registered for my parking pass and was given a printable decal; however, I made no actual payment. How is this done?

  6. I’m going to be living in the UMW apartments. Any reason that I can only select a commuter parking pass when I try to select which one I want?

    • Lauren McDonald says

      I know there were some issues with Banner when registration first opened. Are you still having issues? If so, please call Parking Management directly at (540) 654-1129, or email at jelliot3@umw.edu.

  7. Sean McGrath says

    I’m one of the students in Arrington that was moved to an off-campus apartment for the first semester of classes due to the flooding. What type of parking decal do I purchase? Do I purchase a Residential decal even if I’m not going to be living on campus the first semester, or do I purchase a Commuter decal despite the fact that I’m going to be on-campus (hopefully) the second semester?

  8. Victoria Larimer says

    I just got a new car, so I have temporary tags right now. My permanent license plates won’t come in until after school has already started. Is there any way that I could get a parking pass with my temporary tags now and change the license plate number once my permanent plates come in?

    • Lauren McDonald says

      Absolutely! Order your decal with your temporary tag number. Once you get your permanent license plate number, contact the Parking Management office, by phone, email, or in person, and give them your updated number.

  9. I am a commuter and only need a parking pass for one semester, Aug 2018-Dec 2018. Is there, by any chance, a different rate for that?

    • Lauren McDonald says

      There is not. However, at the end of the semester, if you bring the decal in, you can receive a prorated refund.

  10. Caitlin Ward says

    I just recently bought a new car and will have 30 day tags until 9/18. Can I still get a parking decal with my temporary plates?

    • Lauren McDonald says

      Yes, you can order your decal with your temporary tag number. Once you get your permanent license plate number, contact the Parking Management office, by phone, email, or in person, and give them your updated number.

  11. I just ordered my parking pass online. I have the temporary decal, but am wondering if there is a way to pick it up in person versus having it placed in my on campus mailbox.

  12. Samantha Gill says

    I purchased a commuter decal yesterday (August 28th), but was not given the option to print a temporary decal for my dashboard. I will not be able to check my mailbox or check in with parking management until I am leaving campus tomorrow. I printed off the page on BOSSCARS that shows proof of a purchased and valid decal, will that suffice for tomorrow until I can get my physical decal?

    • Lauren McDonald says

      Yes, that will suffice for today, but please be sure to pick up your decal at your earliest convenience.

  13. My daughter will not be attending for the spring semester but we paid for a parking pass for the whole year. Can we get a refund for the spring semester if we turn the pass in?

  14. Kollin Carter says

    I am a commuter graduating at the end of the fall semester, so can you get a parking pass for only one semester?

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